30 years of Expertise in Auditing and Management Consultancy

Expert Auditing, Internal Auditing and Accounting Services

Ndallahwa & Company (Pty) Ltd is an auditing and management consultancy firm based in Manzini, Swaziland. The firm was established in 1986 and has successfully carried out auditing and consultancy assignments for over 300 clients, including government organisations, non-governmental organisations, international donor agencies, such as the United Nations, and a number of small and medium sector businesses. The firm has also conducted special assignments which include forensic investigations, organisational restructuring, salary reviews and business development and training.
Ndallahwa & Company has partnered with Compeer Technology Services, a local company dealing in information technology with special emphasis on computerised accounting, to provide integrated, cross-cutting services in technical areas, including systems developments, systems upgrade and software training. Our partnerships with international organisations ensure a diverse solutions base that brings quality and expertise to our clients.

Trust Ndallahwa & Company for unrivalled Audit Services.

Our firm works hand in hand with Compeer Technology Services (Pty) Ltd. This is an Information Technology company that deals in a wide range of IT services.